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Based in Surabaya, Indonesia

Design, Branding & Marketing Agency Based in Surabaya, Indonesia

Design Principal at Vordava

Satriyo Niti Atmojo

Hi! my name Satriyo Niti Atmojo, and i'm work as a Design, Branding and Marketing Consultant, based in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

Since 2008 i work at Vordava, a design, branding and marketing agency based in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Personally, i have a strong passion for design, branding, marketing, technology, music, internet, astronomy and blogging.

  • Born in: Gresik, 28/02/1983
  • Live in: Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Work at: Vordava
  • Position: Design principal

About Myself.

Satriyo Niti Atmojo is one of the founders, as well as the principal designer at Vordava. He started self-employment since junior high school (1994), and he grew up in a modest family.

He's a native, javanese, positive thinker, muslim, a bit nationalist and Indonesian. As a young entrepreneur, Satriyo ever get an academic education in informatics at ITATS (2001), but never finish it. During college he did entrepreneurship, a software house and computer networking (2003), and a javanese traditional cafe (2005) –called Warung Kopi. Besides, he had been active in a community of short filmmakers (2005), called Anticreative. Since then he loves photography, videography, and design in general.

He loves blogging since 2005, began exploring about visual communications design since 2006, together with his wife he founded Vordava on 2 August 2008, and deepen understanding about horizontal marketing and branding since 2010. His understanding about branding, marketing and design in general is influenced by several figures, including the Prophet Muhammad, his Mother and Father, Steve Jobs, Paul Rand, Philips Kotler, and also Dieter Rams. But, anything and anyone can be his influence, as long as it's a good thing for civilization and evolution.

Satriyo are the type of person who never gave up, and if he wants something, he will make every effort to get it. He always remembered the advice of the late Mrs. Sofie (a high school chemistry teacher), “During your life, never stop learning“.

He thinks if design is a democratic process in solving a problem —whatever it is, according to the rules, so it can achieve the appropriate output. But about how to convey a message, he believe if based on purity and clarity, it will be the best thing.

Blogging Activities.

As i wrote earlier, i started blogging since 2005 until now. Please visit my personal blog, because there is a lot of articles on design, branding, marketing, internet, social, cultural, communication, business, technology, and anything related to my passion.

Additionally, sometimes i take the time to write an article on Vordava Blog. Please visit my design studio's official blog, because there are about insight and news articles. Thank you.

My position

Co-founder, Design Principal.


2008 - Present

Vordava is a multidisciplinary design firm with 5 years experience, in solving the problem of branding, marketing and visual communications, for clients, audiences and themselves. The Studio was founded on August 2, 2008 in Surabaya, Indonesia, by Satriyo Niti Atmojo and Dinna Novita, who run with Adhi Purwo Manunggal, Donny Agustian Rio Pradipta, and also with some freelance designers.


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